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Sherry Torkos


At our healthiest, we can control the muscles that work to keep our urine in our bladders. So we only go when we want to. But sometimes, there’s leakage. We lose control. It happens. And when it does, it’s frustrating and embarrassing. This condition is called urinary incontinence. The most common types of incontinence are:

  • • An uncontrollable sudden urge to go, sometimes barely making it to the bathroom in time…or not,
  • • Occasional leaks and dribbles that occur when sneezing, coughing, laughing, lifting, exercising or any other stress put on the bladder.
  • • Awakening frequently at night to urinate.

But it doesn’t have to happen so often. You don’t have to lose control of the situation. In fact, you can regain control.
Healthy Control is an all-natural blend that reduces incontinence and improves the quality of life for both men and women with bladder control issues. It’s a common human situation. And one that can be bettered with Healthy Control.

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